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Audio and Video Services


Video Depositions

Our experienced Legal Videographers record video at your site or ours.  We use all professional grade video/audio equipment including lavalier microphones for high quality sound.   Demonstrative exhibits are captured on camera.  High quality video lighting is used where needed.  The final video is provided in your choice of formats.

Video/Text Synchronization with Digitized Video

Video/Text Synchronization unites deposition audio/video with smooth-scrolling transcript to captivate the jury in a way that is virtually impossible with printed transcript alone.  We recommend strongly that you have the transcript time-date stamped in case you need edited later.  An added benefit is that it reduces your editing costs because it is easier to find edit points.

Audio/Video Editing and Duplication

Any media tape format duplicated or transferred to DVD digital format.   We are dedicated to meet your deadline.  We offer video editing, graphic, titling, DVD authoring and duplication.

In Hollywood, entire scenes consisting of hours of footage may be edited out, landing “on the cutting room floor”.  As you know, deposition video editing is limited by court order. Testimony cannot be altered or removed in any way.  However, one of the greatest strengths of digital deposition video it the ability to create “impeachment clips” from the witness’ complete deposition testimony.  Facial expressions are seen on video that are impossible to see on audio on in especially in a written transcript alone.

Preparation for the editing process may begin as early as the deposition itself, through proper coordination of the video recorder and the reporter. Synchronizing the reporter’s timestamps with the videotape, and insuring the reporter records, timestamps on each transcript line. The time stamp format should be in the left column of the transcript and recorded in hours, minutes and seconds for increased accuracy. Once the transcript has been created, the reporter should have the ability to include or exclude the timestamps on the hard copy and the ASCII file. This is a useful feature for the attorney who will be reviewing the transcript. Having the timestamps removed makes reading the transcript easer and provides the attorney with a margin for notes. During playback, the timestamps will correctly signal the presentation software to advance each line in time with the corresponding video.

A note about tracking and the quality of your deposition video: If correlating the videocassette with a CD is important to you, we recommend recording two hours of video onto a CD. This way, the CD directly corresponds to the videotape cassette. If video playback quality is of greater importance, recording one-hour of video onto a CD is the way to go. You will have two CDs for every videotape cassette, but the image quality is better. Another possibility that is now available is having the complete day of testimony recorded onto a single data DVD. Having high quality video will retain higher visual playback quality, which is especially important if you require presentation flexibility and/or planning playback all the video at full screen during trial. If you elect to have about an hour of video on each CD, it is crucial to plan for it at the deposition by providing clean breaks every hour during the testimony. This will allow ample video overlap and reduce the chance that portions of testimony are not available for playback.

Video witness interviews and Discovery Focus Groups

These are simple, low-key exercises provide feedback at any stage of litigation. Often they are used before cases are even filed or are still in their infancy to help determine what direction a case should go while venue and discovery can still be influenced. Clients also find them useful when they want reactions to a single witness or an isolated question. These focus groups require no formal presentation and little fanfare. They are therefore a good choice in sparsely populated venues, and are a significant but modest tool that most budgets can afford.

Courtroom Video Playbacks

An elevated 32” LCD 1080P monitor is used in combination with a high quality sound system that is not dependent on the courtroom sound system.

“Video Settlement” and “Memories Picture Show” Productions

Kempfer Reporting has been in the Videography business since 1979.  We offer two types of video productions.  The first is called “Memories Picture Show” for consumers through our Amore Video service http://www.amorevideo.net/ .  For our professional Law Firm clients, we call them “Video Settlement” DVD’s www.wisconsincourtreporters.com .  Although both productions are very different in nature, we handle everything including production planning, Shot Lists, Storyboards, and Post Production.  We utilize quartz light kits, boom microphones, wireless microphones and whatever else is necessary to attain the best possible result.

“Video Settlement” DVD’s are powerful and convincing testimonials to your plaintiff's loss. They are especially valuable whenever it is important to expose your witnesses to the opposing attorney. They demonstrate, succinctly and powerfully, what the opposition will be facing if the case is allowed to go to trial. We interview "important other" people in the plaintiff's life, including family, business associates or any other relevant experts who can attest to the various aspects of the loss. We build a “before and after” portrait of your client by combining testimony and still photos or home movies, if available.  Our “Video Settlement” DVD productions are highly produced and expertly written.  These quality documentaries are so powerful; they are created for pre-trial, mediation, and settlement conferences. Our clients retain us when they are serious about settling their case. Our productions can lead to settlements in police misconduct, medical malpractice, wrongful death, personal injury, and products liability cases.  Please click this link for more information:  www.wisconsincourtreporters.com

On a lighter note, our “Memories Picture Show” DVD’s can capture and present the memories of family or friends and be a great presentation at their birthday, holiday, anniversary or wedding.  It can also be a great remembrance of a loved one when they pass on.  Please click this link for more information:  http://www.amorevideo.net/