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Tape Transcription


Standard audio tapes have been used for decades to produce reasonable quality voice recordings, although clients are now switching to digital to take advantage of the superior quality. Government agencies such unemployment, Social Security, etc. still continue to record on audio tape. 

We are happy to continue to provide an audio tape transcription service for as long as our clients need it, and equipment is still available. Standard audio cassettes can still provide a decent quality sound.

Our transcription service has transcribed state and federal tapes of government hearings for over 30 years.  Transcripts are widely accepted by government agencies.  We also transcribe witness interviews by law enforcement agencies. We can transcribe any audio or video format. 

Tape quality can vary widely.  We advise using a reputable brand of tape. All 'physical' tapes are prone to breakages, especially when reused many times, but it's worth remembering that a standard audio tape (C60 or C90) will always produce a far clearer recording than either a mini tape or micro cassette. All audio tapes can suffer from background hiss, which can be, alleviated somewhat by using a noise reduction system such as Dolby, DBX or NR. If the recording you make suffers from tape hiss, is recorded in a noisy environment, or without an external microphone, the voices will be difficult to hear and the time taken in transcribing will increase. Extra transcription time equals extra costs. So it's in the interests of every client to ensure they make the clearest possible recordings. Also, if you attend these hearings, point the microphone directly at yourself and speak right into it.